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  1. plz add the bending thing lol, thx anyway
  2. @@Alex360 oh thats y, cz i didnt install rocksmith through steam (well.... u kw wt i mean), thats y it cant detect the steam dlc file, now i gotta find a way to get the disc track n put them into score lolThx a lot :DD
  3. @@Alex360, but idk is that my problem or wt but whenever i click "dlc track" or the "Disc Track" button the program will stop working thx
  4. This is like magic lol, can u tell me how do u actually turn that to this? thx
  5. can someone give me a clear instruction for this? i suck in computer lolm i suppose to find a exe or i need additional program apart from downloading the v 0.03? thx
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