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    Art, literature, games, food, horror movies, internet shopping, baking, tea and, of course, music.
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    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, David Bowie, Iggy & The Stooges, The Cramps, Bauhaus, Talking Heads, Einstürzende Neubauten, Nine Inch Nails, T. Rex, Velvet Underground, The Slits, New Order, Portishead, St. Vincent, The Pixies, The Damned, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure and many, many more.

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  1. Happy Birthday Countess Von Count!

  2. Happy Birthday Countess Von Count!

  3. Dang alright. It is kind of lame to have to contact mods for this kind of stupidity. There should be a delete button somewhere... Right? But I suppose I'll just report myself then. See if it gets taken off that way. Thanks I guess. ^_^
  4. Someone please tell me how to delete a forum and ignition. post. I actually managed to double-post a custom and cannot for the love of me find a delete button ANYWHERE. Yes, it is extremely stupid and no, I don't know how this happened.
  5. Well I used the original .mp3 file in Editor on Fire. It then showed the incorrect length even in the editor, but when playing it it would rewind after the actual three minutes of sound. (IN EoF) I meant after the WWise conversion. The .wem file created by WWise was correct. So maybe that meant that the CDLC was corrupt too? Regenerating didn't work, and I don't feel like doing it all over again. I'm going to make some other customs first! And while I find it really nice of you to offer to look at it, I didn't mean to post the CDLC anyway as it was kind of meant as a bit of CDLC-creating practise (and will thus not be used by anyone anyway) and I don't suppose this problem will occur again, so unless you're really looking forward to analyzing my files, I won't have you go through the trouble for naught. But thanks loads for the offer!
  6. Tried the Custom Game Toolkit, and it found no conflicting IDs, so that can probably be ruled out. I did try and make a new custom today. This one works perfectly fine and its addition to my dlc folder has caused no trouble with my safe files, thank god. But thanks for the tip anyway cozy1. Could it have something to do with the .mp3 I used? Looking back I suddenly remember the .mp3 being slightly off. In most media players I used (My phone's standard music player, Windows media player, other Android music players) and my music folder it shows the song as being about five minutes long, whilst in reality it is a mere three minutes. After converting it however the song length was set to the exact correct number and I thought no more of it. Could this detail have actually messed up my save files? Sounds unlikely to me, but I'm no expert. Either way, since the new one works fine, I'll assume it was simply bad luck and I'll make some more (and see if those work). Thanks again for the help!
  7. Well that's a relief of sorts. At least I suppose it's not entirely my fault then. :P But it seems you have made many more customs that did not corrupt your files, or haven't you? If so I suppose I could try to make another one and see if that doesn't mess everything up. After all I already lost my file anyway, ha.... And I'd still like to know why it happens in the first place so I can avoid it in the future.
  8. Today I finally finished my very first CDLC, but opening it corrupts my save file(s). After having messed around with EoF, Wwise and The Custom Song Creator Toolkit all day I finally ended up with what I thought should be working cdlc for "Nick the Stripper". Wanting to try it out for myself, I loaded it into my dlc folder and booted up Rocksmith 2014. Upon selecting my profile, however, I was surprised by a message stating my save had been corrupted. Slightly disappointed with my loss of progress I still went through the initial set-up again in order to try out my newly-made dlc. I could play through it just fine and for the most part it seems to have turned out nicely, so I decided to work on a custom tone for the song. I made what I thought a fitting tone and restarted the game only to be told again that my save had been corrupted. I went through the set-up, closed Rocksmith 2014 and opened it again to be told the exact same thing. And so I closed Rocksmith again, deleted my cdlc and rebooted Rocksmith, went through the set-up, rebooted once more and this time found my profile intact. And so I suppose it is safe to say the dlc is causing my save file to be corrupted. And now I'm wondering, what is it I did wrong to make my cdlc mess up my saves? Is there any way to fix this? Does this happen to others? I'd like to try making some more, but there is no point if it's just going to ruin peoples' games.
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