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    I'm a 1L student, a musician of 13 years (Saxophone [Alto, Tenor, Baritone] 13 years, Guitar 9 years, Bass 5 years), an avid academic and proponent of social justice. I like a wide range of music, but my favorites include Depeche Mode, They Might Be Giants, Bauhaus, Tegan and Sara, Mother Mother, Nobuo Uematsu, Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Ghostland Observatory, Moon Hooch, and many others.
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    Washburn HB30 Hollowbody
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    Fender Blacktop Precision

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  1. Happy Birthday Ludovician!

  2. Happy Birthday Ludovician!

  3. Thank you both for your comments--I should have probably clarified, the issue I'm referring to is present when the song is at maximum difficulty.
  4. EDIT: So it looks like what fixed the scroll speed was playing the song a second time, which speaks to the caching issue. Not sure if this will pose a problem for others if I upload the DLC, or if it's just for me specifically. Either way, I allow RST to update the arrangement ID every time I generate a package. Thanks for the comments all--I had sworn I had updated the arrangement ID before generating for every new iteration, but I just regenerated the .psarc and the scroll speed was fine. Not sure if I just forgot last time or something else, but either way it's been resolved, thank you!!
  5. Hi all, So I went through the regular process of making a DLC, nothing different from my regular process as far as I can tell. However, for the particular song I'm working on at the moment, adjusting the scroll speed for the individual instrument track in RST has no effect on the final product. I tried several different iterations at different scroll speeds with no change. While the song is definitely playable, I'd naturally like it to be a bit more user-friendly in terms of presentation. Does anyone know what might be preventing RST from changing scroll speeds on an individual instrument track? Thank you!
  6. A very silly and basic question, but after making a few cdlc and following available tutorials, something still isn't entirely clear to me: how does one author cdlc for non-pc platforms, like Mac, Xbox, and Playstation? My intuition tells me that in WWise you select all the platforms for conversion and check all platforms in the Rocksmith Toolkit, but I'm not actually able to test the function without these other platforms. What's the short of how to do it? Oh! Bonus question: when using a .wav at 320kbps in EoF, is there any reason to encode the song at 256kbps instead of 320? All the tutorials do so, although they might be dated with respect to current Editor functionality. Thanks!!
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