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  1. I seem to have sorted the issue. My AVG wasn't allowing the .exe to read or write anything but wasn't notifying me of this. It also wasn't quarantining it so I'm not sure why it was even an issue? I added both the installation folder and the CFSM folder to my exeptions and it works flawlessly now. Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions though, much appreciated.
  2. No i've still not found a solution. The file it's trying to access doesn't exist so I'm not sure if it's meant to create it when it installs the program or I'm meant to find it from somewhere but I'm still unable to use the program. I've also tried to run as Admin with no luck.
  3. I've installed the latest version but upon launch I'm getting the following error: Unhandled.Exception Access to the path C:\Users\MyUser\Documents\CFSM\Tagger\templates\motive_bl\Background.png is denied. I've tried to delete the CFSM folder and reinstall but cannot get past this point before the software closes itself. Log below: [2021/02/22 11:07:23]: ==== This is the start of a new CFSM run log ===== [2021/02/22 11:07:23]: <WARNING> Custom RS2014 Installation Directory not found ... [2021/02/22 11:07:37]: Validated RS2014 Installation Directory: E:
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