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  1. At the moment I can't find any accurate tabs. Just give it a couple months for someone to tab it out, then I might chart some more BTBAM. That's pretty reasonable. I wasn't sure if you tabbed out the songs yourself or not.
  2. Whenever you do any more BTBAM, I'd like to see some stuff from their new album, particularly Turn on the Darkness, The Ectopic Stroll, Rapid Calm, or Life in Velvet.
  3. Whenever you do some more BTBAM I would love a few, songs from The Great Misdirect. Namely Disease, Injury, Madness, or Swim to the moon. I suppose that'd be asking for a bit much, since swim to the moon IS a 17 minute song, so it'd take a long while
  4. I suppose. Doing that would definitely take quite awhile.
  5. Alright. SFP is my favorite as well, followed by melting city. Do you ever plan on working on the parallax series?
  6. Could you do two specifc BTBAM songs (Melting City, Silent Night Parliament) Whenever you finish whatever it is you are working on atm?
  7. I made a mistake in my Extremophile Elite request and would like it removed so I can remake it
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