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  1. Happy Birthday tknapp66!

  2. Happy Birthday tknapp66!

  3. Happy Birthday tknapp66!

  4. I guess I'll give this a try since I had the AC/DC song someone was looking for. Does anyone have Till Tuesday Voices Carry? It used to be here but is no longer available. I would be grateful for the chance to play it on the bass.
  5. I have it. Love Hungry Man and Night Prowler are two of my favorite AC/DC tunes to play on bass. Send me a message with your email and I'll send it over.
  6. Same here. Steam updated it and now all my CDLC will stop after the tuning screen.
  7. First post . I'm a fifty year old dude playing Rocksmith on my 95 Fernandes Japanese bass and loving the downloads this site has to offer. Any chance someone out there could add a few tunes from Blind Melon? Sleepy House, Galaxy? anything? Rain is so lame and I'm hoping for more. Thank you in advance. This is a great site.
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