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  1. My first metal riff that i learnt was the intro riff to crazy train by ozzy osbourne, i found it easy as it only relies on single notes and at that time i hadn't really got the hang of shifting chords quickly
  2. I personally started out on some stupidly heavy strings after making my transition from bass to guitar 13-80's i believe and that allowed me to hone my technique on bending as i am having to work more to reach the required pitch and it allowed me to focus on a wider range on tunings, until i get another guitar... people often say that the thicker strings have a 'fuller' tone but as the rest have said.. try different ones out and see what works, or even make your own custom gauges by mixing different size strings together you could end up with something like 008, 010, 016, 026, 046, 059 As far as brands go, i have tried out, martin, ernie ball, gibson, fender and d'addario, and i am personally sticking with d'addario as they are the strings that have put up with my love of the tremolo for the longest XD
  3. Yes, you might just be able to squeeze enough to play it on minimum, if you have an xbox or a playstation though, i would personally suggest getting it on there just in case it doesnt work (better safe than sorry) or you could give a go at upgrading your pc. p.s i do believe it does check your pc to see if it can run it... but i dont remember seeing a check personally
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