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  1. Yeah I bought cherub rock from the steam store ( and almost bought a pile more, when i saw some of the stuff on there) Because I work away, I cant get to test this untill the weekend, and update what dlls i have ETC. But, As I have my laptop with me, and i do have steam on it, is there anyway to by pass the initial guitar set up, so I can try again on my lappy.. dont have the real tone cable ( or guitar) with me, but if I can go through the process again and see it working, then I can either use my laptop at home with guitar, or uninstall / reinstall if i have to. And thanks for y
  2. it is in the root folder of rocksmith 2014, the dlc fodler was where i put the downloaded songs. so it doesent replace cherub rock, ok i misunderstood that, the songs arnt appearing in my song list anywhere ( that i can see) i arnt home till friday now, but will check again, could there be anything i am not doing?
  3. ok, so im getting frustrated. I have tried the dll file AND the exe one.. put them in my steam folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Rocksmith2014\dlc in there i have a couple of songs eg Metallica - Nothing Else Matters_p.psarc and of course the damned cherubs rock.. i have installed the custom toolkits thing. gone to the packer unpacker, chose the DL to replace cherubs "i hate you" rock. its says App ID update is complete Start Rocksmith 2014 ( ps i have the original rocksmith as well, dont care which i use) and there is it is... cherubs freaking Rock....
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