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  1. http://customsforge.com/topic/33365-rocksmith-remastered-discussion-part-2/ Thanks for your answer! While I was able to solve the problem myself yesterday, I wasn't able to check up on this thread until now. With that said, your answer explains the solution well and precise.
  2. Hello fellow people, After the release of Rocksmith 2014 Remastered Edition, I have been aware of an issue that has been occurring on my selfmade CDLC. The following video shows my issue: [media]https://youtu.be/T-vexuZW-ww[/media] As you can (hopefully) see from the video, my view is inproper and some of the higher notes are chopped off. Obviously, it is bothersome not being able to play solos and alike, and therefore I have installed the newest update of EOF and the Rocksmith Toolkit, as well as the Remastered CDLC bug fix. I have also tried remaking my broken CDLC with the newest version of the tools. Some of my older CDLC made before the update seems to work fine and adjust accordingly, but after the release of the Remastered Edition, it seems as if I am no longer able to create CDLC that adapts the where on the fretboard the notes are played. Since the game appears to chop off the fretboard on the higher notes, I have tried increasing the max fret value anywhere from 22-24 in Editor on Fire, but unfortunately with no success. I hope you are able to help me with my problem, as I find it very frustrating. (Also, I am sorry if I am posting this into the wrong category; I am unsure from where the problem emerges, be it EOF, Rocksmith Toolkit or from the game itself )
  3. I followed your steps and I everything in EOF should be fine now. I tried to reload my PART REAL_GUITAR_RS2 file into the Arrangements section, but I was still unsure if my arrangement had a capo..... Where exactly will the toolkit show me that I have capo turned on for this project? Nevermind, in-game it seems to be working in-game, thanks!
  4. How do I change my tuning from E standard to E standard Capo 2nd fret? My problem is that the Custom Song Creator Toolkit does not seem to have a capo option, only a set of pre-determined tunings. Does anyone know how to make the Custom Song Creator Toolkit / Rocksmith 2014 to think that you need a capo in order to play? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi guys! I'm very new to the Editor On Fire program, and it has been hard work for the to completely create a CDLC. Therefore, I'd like to ask you guys if it's possible to use Frets of Fire project files to use for Rocksmith 2014 CDLC. I mean it's based around the same editor, afterall. Thanks in advance!
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