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  1. Glassjaw in March, headlining show with nothing but local openers chosen by GJ. Saosin (w/ Anthony Green) / Young & Heartless in March The Movielife / The Record Collection / Averman in March Underoath (They're Only Chasing Safety / Define The Great Line full-album tour) / Caspain in April so, my next 4 shows are pretty much my favorite bands from 2001-2006... and for Saosin and Underoath, they'll be playing stuff from that era.
  2. I can use Firefox to give a log of all the java errors that occur when I try to log in. I don't know what to make of them but if someone thinks it'll help, I'll post that.
  3. That was the first thing I did with Chrome. I just went through all the settings in Firefox as well. I'll hit google and see if I can't find some answers. From the CDLC Database where it says I am not logged in, there's a link that says "Browser Cookies" when I click that I am shown a white page that simply says: "Query failed:"
  4. UPDATE: I downloaded Firefox and it's doing the same thing as Chrome. I can log into the forums but if I go to Ignition, Old Search or go down to the Submitted Songs subforum and try to access the database I am told that I need to log-in. I enter my information and am taken back to the forum where I appear to be logged in. Then if I try to go to any of the above pages it's the same message.
  5. I did have that checked but had Chrome set not to remember passwords. Changed that setting and tried again (a few different ways) and still can't access the Old Search or Ignition on Chrome. It keeps saying that I am not logged in... As for IE, this is on my mother's computer and although I prefer Mozilla, I didn't want to put a 3rd browser on her computer. I might have to if I can't get Chrome to keep me logged in or if there's something I can change that'll stop IE from Not Responding every time I hit "Sign In" EDIT: While typing that reply, I was logged out through Chrome. I just copied & pasted after I logged back in and added this note. EDIT 2: For what it's worth, I don't use Facebook so, my FB is not linked to my account either. Don't know if that would matter but, I notice the "sign in using facebook" option. EDIT 3: On the brightside, I can always go to the submissions subforum and sort by date created to see what's been new... I'll just only see the song title and have to click it to find out what artist it is (ex: "Sober" fooled me with P!nk when I was expecting Tool and "Liberate" fooled me with Disturbed when I was expecting Slipknot).
  6. Hey, I've been visiting the site a lot recently (finally got RS on PC!) and noticed a few things. I generally use Google Chrome but have never been able to browse the customs database using Chrome. I can log into the forums and make posts (like this) but as soon as I click on Ignition or try to browse the old database, I'm asked to log in and then sent right back to the forums index. Sooo, to download customs I have been using Internet Explorer. Today, my PC required an update and since restarting IE has been locking up as soon as I hit "Login". Is there any particular settings I should be aware of for either browser so that I can log in (IE) or stay logged in (GC) when I try to access the database? Thanks for any help!
  7. I did play your Chiodos tracks... why are the octaves charted with a mute on the middle string (the D string in this case)? it makes for horrible note detection. They shouldn't be charted at all... just the notes on the A and G strings.
  8. Any btbam is appreciated, particularly songs from The Silent Circus, Alaska or Colors. I enjoy all their albums but those 3 got so many plays from me I could probably whistle them from beginning to end by memory... Thanks for your work on them, Veil of Maya and The Faceless stuff... I haven't gotten to play any of them yet but, I'm just super excited to see them on here. Also, any stuff from Planitary Duality (The Faceless) would be amazing. Have you heard Rings of Saturn? They're similar to The Faceless but, they use a lot more effects and studio tricks to push the whole "sci-fi metal" thing to another level.
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