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  1. Thanks, somehow the way to filter escaped me. But isn't "check odls" only to see if cdlc has been replaced? What I was saying is comparing with the official dlc packs for example the recent one of The Pretty Reckless, and beeing able to tell if I was missing some song from that pack.
  2. Oh that's cool to know. I'm having some problems because I get many exceptions, not sure why they happen. If there's one thing that's it's missing it would be the ability to filter the grid. Another thing I'd like to add which is why I wanted the database is having an option to see missing ODLC from existing packs .
  3. Hi I'm planning to make a new app in c# for windows to manage all songs in the dlc folder. So I wanted to now if is there a way to download into a file the cdls and dlc database from customs forge? Thanks in advance
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