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  1. spoony

    CDLC Requests

    "Grateful Dead - Ripple" anyone, please?
  2. I've checked that forum already, didn't recognize my problem there. There also isn't mentioned my song between problematic ones (I walk the line). I also checked at song's page, nobody complains about that! Some people have the problem with freezing game, but no one mentions the problem that i have.
  3. First of all, sorry if i'm posting in wrong place or if it was already posted/answered, i checked forum as much as i could, but couldn't find answer. I have a problem with guitar sound in some songs (I walk the line - Johhny Cash for example). Guitar works normally everywhere (in main menu, while tuning process) - i hear it normally - but as soon as song starts - guitar is completely muted, no sound at all from guitar! Sound of song itself works normally, but guitar isn't working! Song recognizes strumming, but guitar just doesn't make any sound. When i exit the song, guitar works again! This isn't the only song which does that, and i can't find solution... I appreciate every advice.
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