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  1. There's also some limits to the Rocksmith software modeling in terms of certain tones. Volume swells is something that's hard to recreate using automatic tools, and an expression pedal will always work best. Things like Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms and Fleetwood Mac - Dreams benefit heavily from using an expression pedal to achieve an accurate tone. On the flip side, I recall a number of CDLCs that have a really great tone. I certainly appreciate the time content creators put into the songs, but I think the op was just providing some constructive feedback to help with some of the issues C
  2. I'm not too picky on tone, but I really dislike the ones that break all tones in the game until you restart. That's just indicative the CDLC wasn't even tested. I get that it's free and it's a hobby, but come on. Now I just split my signal to the cable, mute ingame tones, and get my amp sound from modeling software using a MIDI pedal to switch tones on the fly. Sounds a lot better to my ears.
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