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  1. Alright, it's got a few issues but I'm about to upload it now. I'll explain in the Ignition notes (it's doing that thing where the camera doesn't move with the fretboard, my first time using Rocksmith 2014 DLC Builder instead of the old Custom Toolkit so I must've messed something up...muscle memory on making DLC isn't what it was a couple years ago, lol). Other than that, I think a few slides are misplaced but I'll correct it in version 2, I think it came out okay and it's at least playable. The camera issue affects the rhythm track most during the solo, but it's still playable once you get in the groove. I promise I'll fix it soon, I had this problem when I first started making DLCs and was able to fix it then, I know it had to do with sections in EOF...I'm sure it'll come to me, or I'll look it up.
  2. Alright guys, here's the deal with all the COC stuff that disappeared (and it applies to my other stuff too pretty much)...I was gonna take my stuff down and reorganize it, then I had some things happen IRL, I lost access to all my files (literally everything I had, an entire computer...ugh, don't ask lol), and now I'm back with a slightly different username. So...even if someone on here would be kind enough to send me my old COC psarcs that I removed, I'm still going to rewrite all of them anyway (if someone does send them to me, I'll repost them sooner though). I noticed The Door was still up on Ignition4 Search, I guess I forgot to take that one down, an honest accident believe it or not though the cheesy humor potential is endless. :X Anyway, here's what's going to be going up first, something brand new for all you COC fans that were following me Bonus points to anyone that guesses the song that will be immediately following HNO, it's one I already posted but I promise it's a good one. I may move this back to the Discography forum since people might be interested in adding to it once I get started again, I noticed someone posted a Senor Limpio custom with a lead track (haven't tried it out yet). I plan on trying the Live Volume versions of Clean My Wounds and Albatross at some point, since those were posted by others quite some time ago and are already pretty solid. If I put together album versions of those two that I feel improve on or (more accurately) provide something slightly different than the ones already posted I'll post those too (I'm really itchin to take a crack at the Live Volume versions though, gonna have to do it by ear). That's all for now, but hopefully this is something someone was looking forward to returning. I'm gonna be using all the tools from memory so it might take me a bit longer than when I'd normally have it done (at this point I'd have it done by tonight at the rate I was going previously), but it'll be posted on Ignition soon.
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