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  1. thanks, will check that out....didn't know they have a site for that still, if some hero will emerge, the offer still stands.
  2. Hello, I am not active much on the forum but I have to write this here and try. It's giving me an itch that I cannot scratch for at least a year now. Is there a legend anywhere here who can produce almost perfect tabs just by hearing? I cannot find tabs for these songs anywhere (oh and I tried...) Here are the songs: if someone produce these on rocksmith, I donate 200€ without questions (I can coop with minor mistakes, but not big lags or alot of note misses). if its too much, I can donate 100€ if you tab these songs in rocksmith: Augmented, phobos anomaly, the abyss, Dune, Conflagration and Xenomorph. It must have a lead guitar, everything else I don't care is there a hero for me anywhere?
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