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  1. It's still a no go, I can see the sections, but riff repeater just snaps back to the beginning whenever I try to move it past the intro. I'll try the other version.
  2. Yes, I did save the new eof. here's the file.Bloc-Party_Helicopter_v1_p.psarc
  3. Yeah, I went to add _Arrangements_ and selected the Part Real _guitar_RS2.xml, then generated a new file, deleted the older one, but it would still snap back to the beginning on riff repeater.
  4. So I figured out how to make phrases and sections, but when I compile and play, It changes nothing.
  5. Thanks for the resources, I'll look into to them and see if it's something I can do!
  6. I got some CDLC for practice, but every time I try to use the riff repeater, I just snaps back to the begining of the song no matter how many times I try. What do I do?
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