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  1. Okay, thank you for that Apparently the PS3 store is closing on the 2nd of July, so there is still some time to buy song packs
  2. Soo... this is more of a ODLC (original DLC) question than a CDLC one... I have Rocksmith 2014 remastered on PS3 and just recently read that Sony is going to be closing the PS store for PS3 soon... so firstly, what is going to happen to the DLC that I have already downloaded. secondly... there is a boat load of official songs, I really doubt that anyone has ALL the DLC that is available there (it will get super pricey... maybe a millionaire would :P) and with sony closing the store... what happens to those? Is there a DLC download available of all those official songs somewhere? I understand I would need to jailbreak/crack my PS3 to add custom DLC (and probably official DLC if I do manage to get them somehow from a PC download) anyway... I just need some clarification on what I can do going forward. I do also own a PS4, so might it be better to just go and get a PS4 version of rocksmith?
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