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  1. No worries Jan, they seem to work now, so like you said maybe as I played them later after other songs by then maybe some process had finished that made them play ok.
  2. Hmm, just played through a ton of my library and the songs seem to work. Didn't work after any editing I did with the toolkit, so not sure why they are working now. Restarted the app several times and still had the issue, but randomly gone now!
  3. I have a similar issue with Dire Straits tunnel of love that I got from the Ignition library. It shows no bars or towers on the preview area. The ones that show if you have gotten full skill in that part of the riff/song unlocked. The preview of the song plays without issue. However, when I try to play it it just freezes at the wall of the studio room, and I can't fix unless I force close with alt-f4. Telegraph Road does the same thing. Both of them I think are from the same user. Ran them through the toolkit and tried doing the update thing in the packer/unpacker section, and that sadly still did not fix my issue. Have the DLL file from this thread in the main directory, and other CDLC songs work fine, so it might be on the creators end? Feel free to try this two songs, fellow viewers/readers. Maybe you'll have better luck? Luke.
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