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  1. Yeah the drivers are up to date, and I used this same interface setup on my old rig. Made mobo out the OS level primary but no luck. Funny is that playback works just fine in EOF, it's just the click response and controls drawing one element at a time that's sideways.
  2. I haven't figured this out yet. I do have a Scarlett 2i2 as my input and output. I just tried disconnecting the interface and used the 3.5 line out on the mobo and EOF still performed the same. Do you have any particular suggestions for something to try? Thanks
  3. Please see this short video of the behavior: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkEOa9HQyVXzhKhP9PYvZ5wTK0G15Q?e=10WRgk Since building a new PC in Dec I have been unable to get EOF to operate in a useable fashion. As you can see, each element of any window is drawing in very slow succession and it typically takes 2-5 clicks to get a menu to start to display. This is not an issue on my old PC or work laptop. The only thing I can imagine is there might be some issue with it not playing nicely with my RTX 3060 ti. The card is stock, haven't done any OC to it yet, drivers are kept up to date, but when closing say the preferences screen, my GPU usage spikes to 13%. EOF is installed on a gen4 nVME drive, I've got 32GB 3600mHz RAM, and a Ryzen 3700x - certainly no reasonable bottlenecks there. I've tried fresh downloads with and without the hotfixes and have copied over working builds from my other machines - all behave exactly the same. I've tried launching as admin, tried various compatibility settings for older versions of Windows, ensured the download folder doesn't have any blocks on it (mark of the web), and tried disabling the partial folder read-only mode. I'm at an absolute loss.
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