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  1. @@firekorn Great suggestion, will look into that :D
  2. I'm currently in the progress of creating a Ramblin' Man CDLC. I was very surprised to see that no-one had done this before, as it is a vital song to the Allman Brothers collection, and a rock classic. The Lead 1 Guitar is for the most part done, as well as the Vocals. Researched what gear Dickey used, and I've come somewhat close to the amp for the 1st and the 2nd solo. The Vocals match up great, but I've had to make adjustments, and some notes are cut very short as i only use 2 hours on it. As this is my first project, and I have little to none experience with EoF, creating this will be a learning process, and hopefully it will pay out in the end. Had some trouble with the BPM for the song, as nothing would match, only by lowering it dramatically. Manually went over every single note, with 100% volume, and 25% playback speed to make sure it is all where it's supposed to be. Can upload a version 0.4 here if asked upon. Other than that, i will release the CDLC with the Lead part to begin with, and upon release i will finish the Rhythm and Bass. Fun fact: I had no idea the song used FOUR guitars when i started this, so it only made it a lot tricker! Having some trouble with the Amplifier sounds, as to where it starts etc. So help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Prins Geryha.
  3. Still patiently waiting for a steam update, maybe the update is hitting on UPlay before steam, etc any other platforms as well?
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