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  1. Thanks! It turns out I had an outdated version of EoD that did not have this functionality. So, it seems that I corrupted an old file or something. After adding start power into my track, the track no longer works at all in Phase Shift. Any idea what would cause a drum track to completely stop working?
  2. Thanks. This must be a new version because that all looks completely different from my version of EoF. There is no star power tab in mine. I'll get the newest version. Thanks!
  3. How can I add a star power section into a EoF custom track? Thanks!
  4. YOU'RE A GOD! Somehow the audio file was corrupted so all I needed to do was reload the correct .ogg
  5. Heyo! Just today I was able to successfully import a .gp5 file into EoF and get the Drums working perfectly. However, after I finished one song, I moved onto the second song I wanted to work on where I ran into this recurring problem. For whatever reason, now whenever I import ANY type of content, there is a vertical red bar that shows up on Bar two which automatically stops the track from playing further. I tried testing in Phase Shift, and the song just loops the first bar over and over. In the Editor, you can edit beyond that point, but you cannot play the track or hear any audio. The crazy thing is that since this started happening, it happens everywhere no matter what. I can't even go back and edit my old track. I just tried reinstalling, and that didn't fix it. I even installed it on a brand new hard drive. Please help!!! I am going to throw my PC out the window again. Best, Levy
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