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  1. With Guitar Pro 7. i can read tablature in format .gp5 but no voice ... how can i activate the voice please ?
  2. Then if i understand good, if i buy and use Guitar Pro 7 for read tablatures extract from Rocksmith by RocksmithToTab, it's work but if i wish use files from GP 7 to GP 6 or 5, it doesn't work, correct or not ? Sorry for my english.
  3. Hello all, the conversion work also for Guitar Pro 7 or max for GP 6 ?
  4. Yesss thanks a lot it’s perfect ! There also more cheaper colored strings but i don’t know if they keep colors long time ... For the brightness in the dark, black light only or it’s phosporescent in the dark without black light ?
  5. Hello, sorry for my English. It’s possible to buy colorful guitar strings with perfect same colors that we can see on the screen of Rocksmith ? If yes, have you a purchase link ? Thanks a lot for your help.
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