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  1. It did not work.. BUT when you said the DNS could be the problem. I tested to connect to another server through NordVPN. And that made it work! So I made it work... BUT I never really solved the problem. Well thanks anyway! Maybe it will help another poor soul with that fix!
  2. This is all that show when I try to enter the ignition4.customsforge.com site. And I have a good internet connection. If I shared internet through my phone to my computer insted (not going through the router IP) it works without any problem. And when I try to enter the normal customforge.com site I just get a message that the site have no internet connection. So the PROBLEM must have to do with my ip somehow... But I dont know the fix for it. Please help, I have tried everything but reinstalling windows (I dont want to do that)
  3. I have a problem that's been going on now for 2 - 3 weeks. I cant access the customsforge site on my computer or phone while I'm connected to my wifi. If I dont use wifi on the phone it works without a problem (so my user profile is not blocked or banned). My router is not blocking the site, my firewall and antivirus program is not blocking it. I use chrome and nothing on chrome blocks it. I tried using both explorer and firefox but it also wont work... If my ip from my router is blocked from the site, I dont know why, I have not broken any rules.. please help. I dont know what to do. :*(
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