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    Just updated the download link. Lead 1 and Bonus are now tracked. Bass is now tracked. If I get time this weekend, will try getting the Acoustic done, and then Rhythm if I can get to it. Acoustic will be set as Rhythm, with the other actual rhythm being the bonus. The Ramones are awesome. So easy to play, and yet incredibly fun. Nothing as awesome as jumping around like Johnny Ramone while playing. :-P
  2. TMc51

    TMc51's Corner

    I'll be posting what I'm currently working on in this thread, along with the state of their completion. All songs will have Lead/Rhythm/Bass (if I can find them), and I do plan on having DDC for every single one. I'll include links to beta versions, which may or may not have DDC, custom tones, and will very likely not have full Lead/Rhythm/Bass. WIP Iced Earth - High Water Mark Planned Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright Offspring - Denial Revisited Ramones - Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio Currently, I do have a beta version of High Water Mark that people may download and gi
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