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  1. I've had a few songs over the years be downloaded and not appear, but specifically I'll just mention Science by System of a Down right now. It never showed up in the first place so there isn't a new file I can single out. After going through numerous threads, I have: 1) Made sure the packaging ID is correct for Cherub Rock (which it had already) 2) Made sure there are no duplicate files or name overlaps 3) Tried repacking with a different name and artist applied 4) Even though it should be fixed with their new versions, I tried loading without the song ATWA in the DLC folder just in case Is there anything I could do to fix it besides go through my 600+ CDLC songs one at a time until it might suddenly appear? I know there's at least one or two more songs with this issue but they haven't come to mind recently enough for me to recall.
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