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  1. Sorry about that - don’t think I have permission to post it. It was the standard Mac patch I got from this site
  2. Working with Catalina now for me. After today's Steam update, no sound was being picked up by the Rocksmith cable. Uninstalled through Steam, reinstalled. Checked that the cable was now working in the Tuner Applied the patch & CDLC working
  3. Workaround found. Well that was a weird one. My song packs weren't showing up in Rocksmith, even with a clean install of Steam and the game itself. For the benefit of anyone else who has this problem, my workaround was: delete the mac ODLC filesconvert the PC versions of the ODLC to Mac using the Rocksmith Toolkitcopy the new Mac ODLC files into the DLC folder.I guess the change of ID to Cherub Rock is the thing that did it.
  4. Hi, I hope you can help, I've got a weird one. CDLC from this site is working absolutely fine, as well as the in-game content. But DLC I've bought from Steam isn't showing up as playable despite being fine for a month or so, it now has a padlock in the list. I've tried renaming my DLC folder and recreating it, and get Steam to repair the files. I can see the DLC downloading ok into the new folder, but in the game interface the songs remain stubbornly locked. The licenses for the song packs I've bought are visible in my Steam proflle (Account Details > View licenses and product key activations). Platform: Mac Catalina Any ideas?
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