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  1. Happy Birthday deknegt!

  2. Happy Birthday deknegt!

  3. Awesome, thanks for the tips. I downloaded them all :) I love the Keys btw, and it's weird that this one wasn't in my list. Also will look at the early Zep work, I have gotten the well known ones but maybe the early ones are more of my tastes. If people have more suggestions, I would be stoked :D
  4. Just to be clear, this isn't a request thread. :P I for one love blues-ey music, and just general music that has a slower pace but still can become challenging to play. I have stuck with names I have known like Robert Johnson, Clapton, Santana, King, Moore etc. for a while, but I would like to know some more artists that have the same-ish guitar style. What i'm talking about is like songs that are like long solo's but aren't absolute crazy things like Cliffs of Dover :P Songs that wave around back and forth. Like I just played Smooth and Black Magic Woman again and I really really loved
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