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  1. Okay i will try! Yep, I have every Biffy CDLC in my collection. I believe I used Justboy's distortion for 57.
  2. Hi! :D I completed Christopher's River, Convex, Concave, and 57! I'm not really an expert on tone designing, so 57 doesnt sound as authentic :c
  3. This only affects vods, videos on demand. The archived streams. This wont affect live streams.
  4. Thank you both :) Yesterday I just went ahead and imported the bass tab for the heck of it and it imported correctly! All I had to do was sync the notes. Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Tapatalk
  5. I'm currently working on my 2nd CDLC, Christopher's River by Biffy Clyro. I've hit a road block. I finished lining all the notes correctly for the lead guitar part and when I went to import the bass tab, it is not in sync as it should be, and the first note starts like half a measure before the actual bass kicks in. If i try to move the first note using the beat marker thing, it just moves closer to the other notes. If I can't solve this problem, is there a way for me to use my keyboard to place notes as the song plays? The bass is fairly simple in this song so I really wouldnt mind doing it manually
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