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  1. I've let the author know my suggestions for improving the accuracy, but while I wait for a reply, I'd like to attempt to modify the song myself. I've found a few other well done CDLCs that I would like to make small changes to. If I want to change the notes that show up on the note highway, without changing the syncing, how would I go about it step by step? I've read the tutorial on creating CDLC, but I didn't come across anything about editing the Guitar Pro tab once it had been imported. Do I need to make the changes in EoF, or import a new GP file? I'm sorry I'm a total noob at this; I need fairly concise instructions.
  2. I've recently came across a CDLC song that I had learned a few years ago and wanted to play it for nostalgia in RS. The song plays fine, everything is synced up correctly, but I noticed in a few parts the tab in the song is incorrect. The note duration and placement is correct, but the actual note is the wrong fret. For example, there is a whole note on the 7th fret, G string. However, the tab shows the 4th fret. I have listened to the part multiple times, and checked other tabs, including the published tab book. All seem to indicate it should be the 7th fret. Essentially, I'd like to open up the song, edit a few things in the song tab, and repackage it in the most painless way possible. I have Guitar Pro, if that helps.
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