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    I enjoy Rock Band and Guitar Hero classics. In the distant future I may also create CDLC with my father, but that needs time. If we would be able to do it, then our DLC's would regard the greatest hits of Slade, more Jimi Hendrix songs, Suzie Quatro as my father requested it and of course more of my favorite band Boston, who really did not get enough love and support on this site.
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    Epiphone Les Paul
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    Fender Stratocaster
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    Paramore, Greta Van Fleet, Queen, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Rush, The Who, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and absolutely Boston

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  1. omg I thought I would have time. Now I only got internet problems. And with internet problems I mean that my parents want to cut the internet connections during some periods. This may not be relevant to my progress, but I do have a small fight with my parents that gives me a depressing mood. I just hope I get over it and finish this song soon enough. I know I said it earlier, but the bass chart is messed up. I tried searching up YouTube tabs, but I only found guys playing the song completely different. Ah yes, my motivation rises. Anyway, I'll give my best and soon enough it will be out. Also, I just remembered that I did nothing with the Interlude. Oh heck, so much is going on rn and I cannot focus on everything. I just hope Future works fine, but my fav streamer had issues with it, so I am not sure. Might be a problem of his Pc, as he tried playing it before restarting the game without the Interlude. Either that, or I have uploaded a ruined version of Future, but I don't believe I have. It's too weird to figure out for me now, but feedback is always appreciated.

    1. RainbowCookie


      Future's update was working fine when I played it like 2 days ago, although I didn't get the Interlude. The currently uploaded version works fine, at least on its own, don't worry about that :D.

      Hope internet and personal stuff sorts itself out btw.

      PS: Where did you get the chart for Last Hope? I had one around and the bass sounded fine I think?

    2. Markwither


      I took it from Songsterr, but when I listen around at 2:06, where the bass starts to play on the higher frets, I notice that the chart is going much lower. YouTubers were even playing it on the G- String, which is completely different from what I am doing. Also, thanks for the feedback!

    3. RainbowCookie


      Same chart then. It's been a while since I listened to it, so maybe I forgot about innacuracies lol.

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