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  1. @@Winsky3 Regarding the issue where only some of the CDLC show up, found something that work: When you come to the "Home screen" and you are ready to "Learn A Song " or whatever, hit Esc and go back to the white start screen. Then Enter again and all CDLC is there. At least this works on my Mac. @@rockgodcash Did you upgrade RS2014 recently? There is a thread that you should not do it, as it updates to 64bit so it's ready for OS Catalina. No CDLC will work after this update to 64bit. At least that what the Admin said in the other thread.
  2. My issue with CDLC is that sometimes, SOME of the CDLCs does not show up in the game, but others do. I always use converter tool to convert files to m.psarc, I find all CDLC in Song Manger, I even run the patch regularly. But some songs does not show up in the game. Any thoughts??
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