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Status Updates posted by Snake3169

  1. Finished Hardwired by Metallica

  2. Finished Am I Savage? by Metallica

  3. Finished Murder One, probably my most professional feeling most official DLC ever.

  4. Finally finished Confusion by Metallica and uploaded it. Corrected by Hal Leonard tab books.

  5. So. for those who have been wondering where the hell I've been. I decided to put off making new customs UNTIL I can by the best tab/highest rated tab books I could find for the And Justice for All... Album and the rest of the Metallica albums I need to do. Why? Well I want the most damn accurate, best looking, best playing customs out there. I don't just import shit, slap a tone on it and put it out there. I want it to be Official DLC quality. A lot of my newer DLCs are close to that quality but sometimes I am unsure of the tabs. So... This is my solution. To tab the song with a tab from the internet.. then use the books to make corrections to the tabs. Its a lot more work then just syncing it and throwing it on this website like a lot of people do.. but it will be worth it. Thanks for the patience. More will be coming soon. I plan on buying a couple of books out of my next pay check.

    1. avdocatwork


      Awesome Snake3169 - I have done the same on a lot of my customs. I like to go through good quality Tab books and change parts especially Lead solo's. I know it's a lot of extra work but the quality of the CDLC shows the effort you put in it. Charters and experienced musicians can see the effort, most CDLC down-loaders can't and don't care, unfortunately.

    2. Snake3169


      took me about 12 hours to do confusion, problem with confusion is.. the best guitar pro tabs don't have the entire second solo tabbed at all. Had to tab it note for note.. rather then just change stuff. Wasn't fun, its done though.

  6. Hopefully I remember how to make customs :D Its been over a year.

    1. avdocatwork


      Good to hear from you Snake3169. The Classic Rock Coalition is still here at CF not as strong as we used to be, but still hanging in there. I will add you to our new area if you would like to be removed from it just PM me.

  7. Seriously, I am back this time.

  8. Released Halo on Fire by Metallica

    1. avdocatwork


      Hi, Snake3169 - How do you post A Status Update. I have seen you and a few others do it. But I don't know how to post a Status Update. Can you help me out? Thanks, avdocatwork

  9. Released Dream No More by Metallica

  10. Released Damage Inc. by Metallica

  11. Released Master of Puppets by Metallica

  12. Released Battery by Metallica

  13. Released Call of Ktulu by Metallica

  14. Released Creeping Death by Metallica

  15. Released Escape by Metallica

  16. Released Trapped Under Ice by Metallica (Without DD unfortunately due to a problem)

  17. Released Fade to Black by Metallica

  18. Released For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica and Updated Fight Fire with Fire and Ride the Lightning

  19. Released Fight Fire with Fire by Metallica

    1. avdocatwork


      Cool, Snake3169 - I had Metallica's - Ride the Lightning cassette and wore it plum out, and had to get the CD, back in the day.


  20. Released Metal Militia by Metallica

  21. Released Seek and Destroy by Metallica

    1. avdocatwork


      Awesome tune used to be my favorite song to play in the past, way before Rocksmith.

  22. Released Phantom Lord by Metallica

  23. Released Whiplash by Metallica

  24. Released Jump in the Fire by Metallica

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