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  1. @firekornjust saw the page. HOLY COW! That's some awesomeness on a page right there! A lot of the Mac specific issues are addressed with that ßeta! Thanks for sharing, I'll be digging in on that in a couple of days. Cheers!!
  2. @firekornThat's awesome news! I will check it out this weekend. Thanks! Just to close out my efforts on this issue. I finished up my troubleshooting over the last weekend. I repeated my steps as outlined above, adding in songs by artist, trying a different order (older additions first since the game had worked up until...) Regardless the order, the failure would still occur at about the 510 - 520 song range (CDLC loaded). I was digging around other forums and pages just to see if anyone had experienced this as well. On Reddit, I found a thread re: sluggish/strange behavior after adding a lot of CDLC content. Several people had noted the "is there a limit to the CDLC I can add?" issue. One reply was "something isn't right, my buddy has over 1800 CDLC loaded, and I have seen people's posts with 2800+...". Which both stopped me in my tracks, but also gave me hope. Following that rabbit hole, I found what has solved it for me. Down deep in that thread was a link to a Mac utility... It appears to be the disparate naming conventions used for tracks and not 'processing them' to add in advance of game play. Perhaps I did a quick read originally and missed this caveat, or perhaps it is simply learned organically as needed. Regardless. I used "Rocksmith 2014 CDLC convert pc mac": After reprocessing all of my files to the short name standard with this utility, I now have over 900 CDLC titles and 1297 total songs in Rocksmith which are fully playable and the games' hiccups on song preview and album are seem to be fully resolved. (A huge shout out to Bodhi on the Rocksmith subreddit for creating this tool!) On another note, over the course of the testing and troubleshooting, I found that the warnings re: duplicate song files (differently named file, same song and details, etc.) will cause some strangeness to occur. Clearing those out and fully processing the files looks like a way to get Rocksmith back to a rocking status. Cheers and happy Rocking!
  3. Update on testing and results. I added songs back by artist, e.g., all songs from AC/DC (13 total), launch Rocksmith, attempt to load and play a song without an issue. Quit, add back all songs from The Allman Brothers (5 total), launch... etc. Lather, rinse repeat. Observations: For some reason I can't identify, loading Frank Zappa songs (6 total) causes a fail immediately upon launch and load of DLC in the game. I was able to get a total of 507 CLDC songs loaded, along with 412 ODLC (Steam shows 507, could be song packs for the delta) before the failure would return (aside from not being able to load Zappa). This configuration worked fairly flawlessly, except one ODLC track (sloe gin, Joe B.) would fail to load the tab/track after clicking on "Play" on the song. Replaced the .psarc song files from an ODLC back up and that was resolved. Loading "Stone In Love" by Journey (CDLC) caused the problem to return. And go back to worst case failure state observed, which is after removing all CDLC, some ODLC songs would still fail to load or play in the game. Deleted the entire Rocksmith Directory from "common" and unzipped my back up from the start of my testing. Back to the standard game play with no patch nor CDLC. Next test is to patch the game and load CDLC only in groups of songs I want to work on for the "sessions" ahead. Then swap to a different group once reaching whatever mastery or boredom level feels right. If the testing of the groups works without issue, I will (eventually) go back to loading larger sets of songs and testing again. But I need to get some playing in for now. Is this an edge case issue? Or has anyone else run into this and found the root cause or a possible patch or solution? Cheers all.
  4. Testing on this issue: Uninstall Rocksmith Remastered (RSR2014) using Steam Do not touch the Steam/steamapps/common folder (Mac installation) Reinstall Rocksmith Remastered using Steam CDLC content maintained through uninstall.reinstall process, along with enclosing "Rocksmith" folder Relaunch RSR2014 CDLC content shows up in list but does not load song files (to be expected) ODLC content has some issues in playing some songs (disappears as the CDLC did before) Quit RSR2014 Run MAC Patch script Relaunch RSR2014 CDLC content shows up in list, but disappears as clicked on/selected (original problem recreated) Uninstall RSR2014 using Steam Move CDLC to its own folder outside of Steam application support folder structure Remove Rocksmith folder from Steam application support Reinstall RSR2014 (clean installation at this point) Launch RSR2014 Game plays as expected for al ODLC content Quit Game Add back one CLDC file (Black Crowes - Jealous Again) Launch RSR2014 CDLC file shows up, no song file/tab loaded at play (to be expected) Quit Game Run MAC Patch script Relaunch RSR2014 CDLC file shows and plays as expected Will continue with this process until I reload all 562 CDLC files, or the problem returns, and will update the thread then.
  5. I am having the same issue. I have been using the CDLC content for a few years now. But just recently started adding more now that I am playing R.S.R. with my kids. Starting yesterday, the songs would load, play the song clip, but no Album Art, or would have album art, but no song clip. As soon as I select it, it disappears. This continues until a DLC song is encountered. The DLC content loads, goes to the Tuner upon "play" and then it stalls. Will be uninstalling and reinstalling today to try to troubleshoot.
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