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  1. Verifying integrity and disabling in offline mode worked. Then started in online mode and only the songs I left on were there. Thank you. A note about the number 6: I tried the same thing on a different PC, had the exact same issues.
  2. Hi again, since I can't figure out where to upload files here, I put them up here: https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/819428/songs.hsan Now, since I'm guessing that file is just a list of songs in various song packs or whatever, here's my modified cache.psarc: https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/819430/cache.psarc Also, thanks for helping out. EDIT: Here's the "Song Pack" tab in CFSM just to show what I mean: And here's the songs disappearing (Pressing Return / clicking it does the same thing): https://streamable.com/l1zd0
  3. Hi. While I doubt there's a solution for it, asking won't hurt. I've tried a few times now to disable all the base songs (in cache.psarc, as it seems) except a few, which does work fine in CFSM. The problem is, though, they all disappear, or to be exact, selecting them in-game causes them to disappear even though those say "Enabled -> Yes" in CFSM. Getting them back is easy enough by deleting and re-downlading cache.psarc through Steam's file validation, but I still don't want those songs. I never play them. Am I doing something wrong?
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