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  1. Alright. Also, I tab in GP6 and then import to EoF, which basically does everything for me (essentially).
  2. Hello, hopefully this is the right place to ask; has anyone tabbed a song in Guitar Pro 6 with BPM as decimals? if so please let me know how. I want to finish the tab for "Fading Sacrifice" by Chaotrope, however it goes from 155 BPM to 116.25 at one point. I have tried to put a decimal in, however it does not let me. Is there some special option? I don't wanna have to put 465 (116.25 x 4), as that's way too fast lmao. Note: I HAVE tried to Google around, but it gave me how to change BPM, nothing on decimals. Thanks in advance!
  3. HOPEFULLY this is the CORRECT thread for this, lmao. I am personally tabbing out each Chaotrope song based on the stems I have from Rock Band Network and yes, this includes all of that crazy Bass Guitar (which I have only done Chiasm Bass atm) :D Here are a list of songs I have so far: Chiasm Elysian [[[something to note about this is it's in AADGBE, however it asks you to tune to EADGBe. Tune to standard, THEN AADGBe (make the 12th note of E sound exactly like your A string), or you will literally miss every note on the top string. ]]] Scarred Many more to come!!
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