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  1. Y I'm not running Time Machine. :( I've downloaded the files on your link, but there's no app there? Sorry for being stupid, but I'm just getting files and directories within a Rocksmith2014 folder… There's no file with a .app extension? ou have to download it not to open it!!! You'll download a zip file that contains just the app. Anyways it seems there are new solutions over there
  2. I've find a temporary solution , so please any mac user with troubles, read this post: http://customsforge.com/topic/33845-found-a-solution-provissional-but-works-to-the-macs-rsinjector-crash/ If they don't have time machine running, you can find the app here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uvm9ws9x833rj8q/AACFsCC7z8kdZu7tf12TQUP2a?dl=0 So we can continue playing since a definitive solution is found Please notice this is the remastered rocksmith app so you will need tha last RS Injector
  3. As I've posted on November 3rd, you can have a working version of rocksmith looking on time machine november 2nd. Simply restore this version, and all will be ok BTW, even if I've sent it on private message and any other has posted it, this is a link to this last working version: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uvm9ws9x833rj8q/AACFsCC7z8kdZu7tf12TQUP2a?dl=0
  4. Found a solution for the mac users. First let steam update and DON?T close it. Then disable wifi, enter time machine, chose yesterday, and search rocksmith on finder. You'll find an app located in a Steam folder, restore it, and you'll get the last available version that runs. As next time that Steam starts, probably will update again, it would be a good idea to put this version in a folder beside Rocksmith app. Just in case, if you add new CDLC, you should add both the functional Rocksmith and the security one in the folder, so if Steam update the new one, and you copy again the old one, it will be yet with the CDLC. Maybe it's not a very good solution, but at least it works.
  5. Hi there, if you're under mac, just let steam update and DON'T close it. Then disable wifi, enter time machine, chose yesterday, and search rocksmith on finder. You'll find an app located in a Steam folder, restore it, and you'll get the last available version that runs. And as Steam will keep on updating this file, it could be convenient creat a new folder whit this verion inside. You should upload DLC's into this file, so every time you change the new "steamed" app, you'll be up t date with your CDLC's
  6. I've been playing yesterday with the remastered version, with the last RS Injector, no problems, but steam took a lot today to update (and did'nt let me open it without uptade) Today, same issue as other mates, RSInjector crashes, and if i try to open a DCLC with unmodified Rocksmith, it allow me open, but just not play. Something has changed in steam, sure
  7. Thanks, I think sometimes I'm pretty fast learning software, so maybe next century I'll have it finished... LOL I got the idea, I'll try to get it running this weekend if possible. Thanks for the information. EDIT 1: after many tries, i got an .ogg (no .wem at all, tried checking and unchecking any button on te pack/unpack section. Maybe because the mac versions only allow to extract 2014 ogg and are no version running on mac that is supposed to work with 2012 wem?) and the .ogg file was usseless as if it was corrupted. I converted then my own MP4 file to ogg but then time is not acurate with the old one, so got another problem to solve... Adding some leaging space solves partially the problem. Now have to deal with BPM and maybe introduce some spaces... Got also a new one mp3 version, just in case... I'll keep on trying.
  8. Hi, I just downloaded yesterday the custom song toolkit for mac, but still didn't find a tutorial on how to import and convert dat to psarc. Could you be kind enough to point me to tehe right place if you know where or how? I want soooooooo much to have the two door cinema "what you know", you cannot imagine... P.S.: i'm running a Mac version and in despite of adding mono framework and X developers kit, it's been a quite unstable program.
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