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  1. have done that again.Verifying the game fore two times. Installed the patch. now it works. All cdlc's are running
  2. @ TeeBee Have tried it. Verifying the game fore two times. First 5 files fail. Second try without a fail. After tarting the game the same problem.
  3. @ fire korn Thanks for your answer. RS starts as usual. Official Dlc's can be started. All cdlc's freeze. It does not matter if I start a cdlc's first after starting the game or after I start an official song that was playable. In any case, I have to end the game via the control panel immediately and restart. To turn on the variant beta downloads did not lead to the desired result, as well as the patch.Also a newly added cdlc is frozen "...to verify the integrity of the game..." What do i have to do there?
  4. Thanks TeeBee, great work to find the problem. I sincerely hope someone out there can renew the patch.
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