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  1. Seth, Awesome, thanks so much for the quick response. This is very helpful! I am going to give it a shot!! I will have to dig into the comment about buying the Smashing Pumpkins DLC. Everything else you shared makes perfect sense.
  2. I have Rocksmith 2014 Remastered for Playstation (3 and 4), and have purchased many songs from Rocksmith, but I am finding the selection of artists and songs limited. So I Googled options, and found this website. It appears that IF I bought a PC AND bought yet another version of Rocksmith 2014 (for the PC), that I would have access to a LOT more songs, from a LOT of different artists. If this is true, I have the following questions: 1) Do you just download what I think are called CDLCs from this webpage? 2) Are the songs free (vice $2.99 from PS4 store?) 3) Is there any lag like I had to fight with on the PS3 and PS4? I would probably use headphones initially.... 4) Do folks use a PC with Rocksmith 2014 to run the video (on a monitor on HDMI TV), and use a stereo or home entertainment system for the sound? If so, do you need some kind of headphone jack-to-RCA or HDMI converter? My apologies for my ignorance, but an answers and recommendations would be welcome. I guess the fundamental question I am asking is... is it worth spending about $1000 to buy a new PC (I am a Mac user, and it appears there are almost zero CDLCs available here for a Mac), just so I can get more songs, by artists I like (like Pink Floyd). If the CDLCs are free, and work well with Rocksmith 2014 on a PC, then the answer for me would be YES> Thanks, Dan
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