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  1. Hmmmm so the Rocksmith Custom Song Toolkit now opens without any issue, however i select my p.psarc file to convert which turns into m.psarc after selecting the song from the list. I then add it to my DLC folder within my steam account (yes i have purchased cherub rock already and is the same area it is kept) and nothing happens from there. I have restarted steam, rebooted the computer and for whatever reason the newly created m.psarc file will not appear in my song list area. Any ideas?
  2. God bless you firekorn! After literally weeks of trying to get the RS tool kit working it has finally opened! Now all I got to do is figure out how to convert?, hopefully it is not too painful for me, I am such a noob. I will keep you posted on my ongoing Rocksmith journey...
  3. this link does not work for me? is there any way I can find a working RS tool kit? I am looking to convert some songs from PC to Mac. Please, anyone!
  4. Hello anyone? I apologize for being late to the Rocksmith world but can anybody out there help me? I am trying to convert my PC game files which end in p.psarc to m.psarc so I can play them on my Mac. I have tried troubleshooting the website and customer support with no avail. If anyone has a solution you would be a life saver, by the way the rocksmith toolkit DOES NOT WORK. I have downloaded the file on both mac and PC and the logo just sits there and never opens. Thanks for your time. Big RS fan.
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