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  1. Tip: (you can edit qoute), thanks. @Mr Pi fantastic result in rhythm a song byRamones, there RS hard detecting chords, you got 100% with first try, awesome! To all: don`t forget update or add new songs to Song selection list Well not that good @. i restarted two of free times to get it done. Besides that the rhythm is not that different from the lead. I play the lead for months once in a while
  2. RR is a must if you want to improve your skill. A important rule is to focus on the hard parts. If you have trouble in 5% of the song that is what you should practice. I also use the speed control a lot in some of the fast lead parts. Its the best way to get it done. And trust me, already had some first places on MC class, RR is a must.
  3. Well i was never a Ramone follower. I know then mostly by other bands that they influenced. But i love this song. I once heard a band making a cover of it and went looking for it. What a great punk song. This is a song i play once in a while in Rocksmith and now i decided to play all the arrangements. And this was fun, First because i plug in my bass for the first time with Rocksmith. I actually rarely play bass. I have a bass for more than 10 years and still has the original strings. Second because i played the rhythm arrangement and almost by incident i checked the ubi leaderboard after ir. Well, i got a first place. So amazing. To get a first place in ubi leaderboard besides playing the song well you must be lucky. This is because its impossible for the song to be charted 100% correcly according to the original for you to have more perfect notes. Well, a first place""" wow. So here are the screenshots. Hope you like to play this song as much as me. Easy but so powerful.
  4. Hi, here is a better score on Coast to Coast rhythm. I had a lot of trouble registering same notes. I found out that with the neck pickup i had better score. Sp here it is
  5. Here is my new runs on SA I played Lead and also rhythm (lead2) this time. Joey,as usual please don´t consider my scores in the int song if i win.
  6. Well i am taking some Holidays and couldn't play guitar for more than a week. I was dreaming about playing two songs, Sharp Dressed Man and Coast to Coast. I love Coast to Coast for more than 2 decades but never played it. Only a few licks of the Rhythm part now and then. I was very happy when i saw this song was chosen. So here is my first post. I hope i can play the guitar a few more times this week.
  7. Do you know where the f you are? You re in the jungle baby
  8. Its done fot this week. Great song. and i want it all, but just got 92%
  9. Only today i got some time to play this week This is what i got, for now
  10. Well this is the most difficult solo i saw in my life
  11. You can improve a lot with rocksmith as long as: You need to play alone the songs by memory without the game. You play the songs in master mode. In master mode sometimes don´t bother playing note by note. Just make it sounds good with same variations. And this is my word to you!
  12. fast... too fast... >80% goal achieved. Fun to play but not my Metallica favorite song...
  13. Its what I call the yips..... stagefright.... I wish I could just get in the zone and play all the way through without worrying about getting a good score, then losing focus. When I'm in the zone, I play much better, almost good even. Time slows down (relatively), and playing is effortless and flows better than a drug high. But when trying to better your result or video for Utube...... I stress out and flub notes... Anyways, great work all. Extra props to you and Motive for almost perfect runs. its hard to relax. We are human. Sensitive human...
  14. just be yourself. I play for 23 years. For a long time i called myself a guitar collector cause i haven´t played much. I play rocksmith for fun and it helped me playing again almost daily. I wish something like this existed when i start playing. It helps a lot. 23 years ago everybody was hiding their guitar secrets. It was very hard to learn. Now its still hard to play well but you have great communities witch help a motivate a lot. Rock on!
  15. Its dam hard @ @ - please if i get the best score in the end give the win to the second as i usual play MC My only mistake was in a section i can do correctly time after time in RR. But something always wrong...
  16. Well i found out how to do those bends... (If anyone need help just ask) 100% on this song is possible for me. The only thing against is actually those random mistakes caused my lack of concentration or getting nervous my the caused i am doing everything right til there.
  17. Not any time this week til now. Went to the Jovi song as i don´t like the MC Song . May go up to 99% ...
  18. Those bends in the higher string are really hard...
  19. Back in black is harder than i though. I miss a lot of notes around all the song. Even in the riff Maybe its the custom, maybe its me...
  20. My new baby arrived. A ten years old Fernandes Monterey. I always wanted to hace a susteiner! i won´t have much time today and tomorrow for some back in black. And know iam more into infinite sustain
  21. A litle bit better. I should be able to play SA now.
  22. After some RR. This is another one i will go over 95 Its a timeless rock song
  23. i am done for this week. Tried a couple of times and just equaled my acuracy. The fist part of the solo kills me. The bends... So lets see what song next week brings us, Great to see more then 10 persons in MC
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