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  1. Hi! Just a suggestion: would it be possible to add a button or a link to the playthrough video? I mean, when you click a song and the new window appears, it would be nice to have a link to the playthrough video or, if this is too complicated, it would also work to have a mark/signal to know that it exists a playthrough video. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  2. Upps! Clearly I haven't read it! I did run a search over the site but I do not know how I didn't find this! My fault! Thank you!
  3. Hi! As some of you, I tend to download a lot of CDLC. I've got so many that it's getting a lot of time just to check if there are any updates. The thing is that I remember that in Smith Anvil community, the user DreddFoxx developed an awesome tool to manage all Rocksmith 1 CLDC in a very easy way. As DreddFoox hasn't updated the tool to support Rocksmith 2014, do you know -by any chance- any similar tool for Rocksmith 2014?
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