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  1. Happy Birthday ace6879!

  2. Happy Birthday ace6879!

  3. Hey all, I believe this is my first post, but been here a few months now. I have thanked several when I download the songs...but NEVER enough!!! SO to all who know how to make content....THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! It is MUCH appreciated! I just wish I hadn't stopped playing when I was young. Now I have over 30 years to make up! I was raised on Country, and came into Pop and Rock and Roll later. I am a HUGE Pink Floyd fan, just waiting for the original ONE OF THESE DAYS to be released. ;-) But then, I am also waiting for Weird Al, and GOrdon Lightfoot too....(Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald is a song I have been singing on stage for almost 25 years now!!) SO I am VERY diverse! WHat I have learned since Christmas last year is due mainly to having so much good stuff to choose! Oh, it started with ONE guitar......and then.....I found GUitar Center.......and one has become several...including a Bass at the Wife's suggestion!! WHo knew?? ;-) Thanks to all and just keep playing!!! K.D. "ACE" Ellison
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