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  1. @@Wepeel Any chance of a patch for the public beta? Rocksmith 2014 Remastered - Mac OS Beta Update - Ubisoft Forums https://forums.ubisoft.com › showthread.php › 2120195-Rocksmith-2014-... Thank You! @@firekorn. Didn't see your post until I posted this one with the link to the beta. Leaving the link and editing in my thanks. I would be very happy to help if I can. I practice cdlc hours a day and really don't want to erase my drive to go back to mohave.
  2. Any support for the public beta currently available for catalina? It makes the app 64bit and once this patch is applied, gives an invalid platform error... I can get RS to work with Catalina, but am limited to dlc and original content. Any cdlc won't start. Once patch is applied, the app won't start. Anyone else having trouble just getting RS to work at all with the new public beta, what I did that seems to help is add another install folder to steam and move the app to the new folder and clear download cache. That got me past the steam error. Then I would keep getting app crash librar
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