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  1. Happy Birthday TheZero3546!

  2. I searched "smooth" just to know if i got it, but i'm sure it'd have gotten an error with any search. Still gives me the same error, but this time i will not search anything in case it happens again. Arranging from downloads and duplicates still don't work, so sorting files still not working either. I'm not sure if other repairs are working or not, but some of the songs i added the other day don't have DD although i used the repair. With the previus CFSM everything was working like a charm, so i don't know what can be the error
  3. I'm using I tried to search a song in cfsm and gave me and error and closed, and now every time i reopen it it gives me the same error and closes. Tried reinstalling, but the search is still there and i can't clear it. And the program forced me to update to because it said it was too old. before the search error managing duped songs threw the same error, and arrange from downloads folder and fixing songs didn't work. Here is the log file: https://pastebin.com/1Etuj5Vu
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