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  1. what version of (mono, mac os ex. "Yosemite,Sierra" ) are you using
  2. nvm i took out the dlc folder and placed it on my desktop, now i just put it back in the game folder where it originally was and the cdlcs were there, thanks for the tutorials on how to download cdlcs. much thanks
  3. I have bought cherub rock, downloaded the patch listed for 10.8 and double clicked the "RUN_PATCH_RS.command", when i download a cdlc that ends in m.psarc i put it in the dlc folder, downloaded mono 3.10.0 and installed it I checked terminal and entered mono --version and it has installed, downloaded the toolkit and i am able to convert songs from pc to mac, but when i enter rocksmith 2014 none of the CDLC's shows up. any idea on what i can do or if i have missed something?
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