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  1. Happy Birthday Joshinsky!

  2. Happy Birthday Joshinsky!

  3. I take the (really hard) optimistic Approach and say I want to play in a Band. And for me this means not only to replay Songs, but to get more creative and synchronize with other musicians. In case of rythm and mode. So what I think I Need would be: Music theory, rythm techniques, left Hand coordination, and so on.. And I can't really get my head around learning all that in a well structured manner.. I know I can't put everythin in one lesson a day..that would shrink down everything to 5 minutes per lesson.. Let's compare this to Fitness: I want to run a Marathon..I know this takes practice for a year etc.. I know I have to do short runs, Long runs, strength Training, Intervall runs etc.. but I have no idea to create a "plan" which helps me.. In case of a Marathon Training I know my Body Needs rest so I won't put to Long runs together and so on..but I can't find a way for my guitar Training. I wanted to take guitar lessons again, but the first teacher I got was a total jerk..so now I want to Focus on teaching myself, which is pretty easy with YouTube etc.. I know that this sounds all a bit strange..but every evening after some playing..I feel I just improved the last song I played a bit, but not my actual Overall skills. (Sry for some spelling Errors, writing this answer on mobile)
  4. Hey Guys first of all, I want to thank all the members who create all this awesome DLCs. So here is my story / problem I started playing guitar when I was 12 (now 29) and had an on/off relationship with it, took lessons and learned the basics. Then I got to the army, university and a job, a wife and so on (you get me :D ) And my extremly bad built strat was more an icon of my youth.. Until last year, when I got Rocksmith for the PS3 and my love for my guitar came back. I quickly "relearned" all the things I had in guitar lessons, took all the basic stuff and lessons from rocksmith and a 10 weeks online course from a teacher I followed on youtube (which was awesome and helped a lot) And now I would consider myself as advanced beginner. So now I know powerchords, pentatonics, some techniques like bending, hammer-on, pull-off etc.. but I'm kind of stuck... There is so much in front of me..all the great techniques, so much to learn..and I don't know how to start I have two books for genera learning, a book about getting better at pentatonics, esp speed and precision. I have hundreds of songs in rocksmith, have a lot of papers with sheet music etc And here is the part where I'm asking for your help: How do I create a lesson for myself: Let's say a I can learn 60-90 minutes a day. My program now is as following: 10 min warm up..pentatonics, scales, strumming techniques Then I take a lick or a riff and repeat it as often as neede until I can replay it without errors (and next lessen I repeat that) After that I start rocksmith and pick some songs I want to learn or repeat I feel, that I'm making progress, as my playing in rocksmith gets better, but I have the overall feeling of getting nowhere. I got some DVDs from a friend from "Lick Library" with some stuff to learn. So for the teachers here, and all the others: How do you structure your lessons, what could I do, where should I focus? Additional Info: I play mostly metal or hard rock, try to be more open to other stuff, just to be open minded Thank you all very much.
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