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  1. Now It's working! What I did: 1 - Restore the integrity of files (via steam). 2 - Step 1 (again!). 3 - Applied the patch. 4 - Burning the house down. ;)
  2. None... the patch applies successfully... but I can't play the songs after the tuning =(
  3. Hi guys! I made all the steps to use CDLC on RS2014 remastered on my mac. Initially, it worked pretty well. So, I tried to convert some PC CDLC to Mac version, withou any conversion problems... but I can't play these songs. I can see all the CDLC inside the game but, after the tuning screen, the CDCL doesn't load, only appearing the amplifiers. At the PC version, lot of topics says to replace/rename the DLL files on root folder but... what should I do on Mac version? I tried to repair the game files from steam, re-download the patch and run the patch_rs, both without success. Any ideas
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