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  1. Afternoon, Just wondering if we have any members on the Forum who have tinkered with creating hardware for audio manipulation. I'm currently thinking of making some basic analog footswitches and a Class-D amplifier and would really like some insight from anyone who has attempted anything like this in the past. I'm currently digitising the circuit diagram of an idea and will upload when I have finished. A lot of forums on the internet give the circuit diagram but don't particularly explain what exactly is going on. And it would be great to understand the concepts, so that one can improve or modifier existing implementations. Thanks, and have a wonderful day.
  2. I had a similar issue in my toe a couple of years ago. It was due to a tiny splinter being lodged under the nail. It would be completely fine for periods of time, and then if I knocked it, it would erupt in pain for a couple of hours then slowly regress to just a throbbing pain. Mine was manageable, But The splinter eventually came out a couple of months later. You should see a Doctor, I vaguely recall that my doctor recommended to let the body handle it as the toe was not infected.
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