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  1. Any one know if there is a way to get the fret note inlay working on Mac?
  2. Has anyone else had the problem where you can install mono fine, but when trying to open the toolkit, nothing happens. I've tired different versions of the toolkit and mono, but nothing happens. I've checked that mono is installed correctly and used the version of the toolkit that stops the error message that says you need mono versions 2.8 or higher, but had no luck opening the toolkit.
  3. @@Wepeel Legend. Don't think I would've ever figured out how to get this working on my own haha. Thanks so much
  4. Oh, the screen shot didn't send haha... Once I download it, I drag the 'MAC_Patch' folder out of my downloads (It isn't a zip file btw), left click but the only options are 'open', 'move to trash', 'get info' etc. There is no 'other' option either.
  5. This is what happens once I click that download button and drag the file out of the downloads...
  6. @@Wepeel with this link https://drive.google...WnJWZzdtUkp6SU0 I'm not able to download the zip file, I'm only able to click 'open with Zip Extractor' which takes me to a Zip Extractor webpage where I can extract the files there but of course not with The UnArchiver. I've tried right clicking everything but no option to 'open with' or 'other' is there.
  7. @@Wepeel I'm getting the same message - when I double click, I get this message: 'The file “RUN_PATCH_RS.command” could not be executed because you do not have appropriate access privileges.' I've changed my permissions to read and write. However, you've suggested to use The UnArchiver... Hopefully I'm just been stupid but I have no option to extract the MAC_PATCH file with anything but ZIP Extractor even though I have installed The UnArchiver. I'm brand new to Mac btw haha Any idea?
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