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  1. Hey Could anyone help me figure out some chords. I have been trying to understand this since forever. I have a link with timecode. He has 7 string guitar so it does sound beefier. It sounds close to Fm Ab Eb Db But sound seems slightly off. Not sure what tuning he is using too but if anyone could give a bit of help I'd appreciate that
  2. Just a question. Chords I presented before I assume they are for string guitar is that right?
  3. I understand. That 8sting beast sure does sound dope
  4. There is dozens of requests on request page and it's really easy so get lost between bunch of songs. However what I'm talking about is this masterpiece: I was surprised that it wasn't created before and now I'm getting obsesset with trying to learn this song. How hight are the chances some skilled editor might actually create rocksmith version of this? That's a lot of work to recreate something like this and I understand that not many will take look at it but still here's some tabs https://chordify.net/chords/avicii-levels-skrillex-remix-full-theofficialskrillex I'll be happy to receive any sort of answer. Thanks)
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